About us

The idea for MYFIT was inspired by everyday life. We wondered why shopping for clothes came with so many difficulties. There are a variety of size designations, with varying meanings from country to country, and as if that weren’t enough, a lot of manufacturers interpret them in their own way.

The consumer must become an expert. From brand A fits size L, from brand B fits XL, and from brand C only long sizes will do. This knowledge, once acquired, is often outdated by the next season. In the end, one can only try on and try again, order, send back, and endure multiple disappointments.

We have made it our mission to find a better solution. The basis will be the MYFIT App. In its first version, it shows one’s individual sizes for different items and countries based on the details of a personal profile. Quite helpful, but this only reveals the full complexity of the problem. Our vision goes far beyond both this approach and the clothing market itself. We are working on a convenient solution and will present it here step by step.

Stay tuned and look forward to updates!